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We start with prestigious 100% fullblood Wagyu cattle known for producing great size and structure as well as tender, flavorful, and consistently marbled beef. We combine various breeding methods as well as a proven nutrition program to continuously set new standards for high quality beef. Our calves are pasture raised with their dams until they’re fence weaned around six months; at this stage they begin a diversified diet of grasses and grains that compliments their breed and the traits Wagyu is so well known for.

The next step is the growth diet which ensures that each animal is being fed to maintain ideal nutrition, reach their growth potential, and maximize the taste and marbling Wagyu beef is famous for. Our beef is then processed under federal inspection and dry-aged in carcass form for a period of 21 – 28 days in a climate and humidity controlled cooler.

At 1862 Ranch, we take pride in every step of producing our Artisan beef, and believe you’ll taste it in each flavorful and luxurious bite. We offer a full selection of cuts and processed products as well as specialty and custom orders. Whether you’re looking to grill our steaks on the deck, celebrate a special occasion with one of our roasts, or serve our 100% fullblood beef in your restaurant, we have what you’re looking for. Click “Shop Now” to visit our Meat Market or call for a custom quote on a ½ or full side.

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