Embryo transfer is an effective and efficient method of breeding. The pairings below demonstrate the ideal balance of maternal traits, marbling ability, size, and profitability. We would love the opportunity to help you select the perfect package for your herd.

FB12951 Ms Seizan x FB2907 Shigeshigetani

When you’re talking about a complete pair, this dam and sire are it. Suzutani is the dam on both sides meaning maternal traits are strong, and Shigeshigetani is known for size, structure, and producing incredibly marbled meat.

Price: $1000/each

FB14904 UKB Ms 826 Redstar C402 x FB2998 HB Big Al 502

If Red Wagyu were known for only two desirable traits, they would be size and milking tendencies. This pair takes those traits to the max with high weaning weight calves that put more pounds across the scale and on the rail. Their females have great udders and excellent milk, and males demonstrate vigor and libido.

Price: $2500/each

FB12108 UKB Ms Shigemaru 803 x FB2125 Tamamaru

This is an exceptional Red pair that produces highly profitable offspring. We like this dam for adding marbling to a bull who brings size and weight, and combined with this sire who was one of the first to leave Japan there isn’t much more to be desired. Females have great temperaments, fertility, and milk; males are big bodied and well balanced.

Price: $3000/each

FB12107 ROA Miss Shigejuro x FB2126 TF Itomichi 1/2

A dam with progeny whose female offspring continuously demonstrate great temperaments, milk, and excellent growth rates combined with a sire proven to increase size and marbling make a perfect pair. This mating is a perfect example of the benefits of combining genetics from the original sires out of Japan and today’s well bred dams.

Price: $1000/each

Buyer is responsible for arranging shipping, storage, and any other related costs.

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