Our History.

Our interest in the Wagyu breed began when we tasted Wagyu beef. We knew then that we not only wanted to continue eating Wagyu beef but also, wanted to raise our own Wagyu herd. The further we progressed into exploring genetics and building the herd, the more we became convinced that we could not only pursue a new passion of ours, but we could also help others do the same. This is where the vision on the 1862 Ranch began.

Our Present.

Today, 1862 Ranch has come to be a state of the art and fully operational Wagyu Cattle Company with outstanding genetics. We utilize advances in breeding such as embryo transfer and artificial insemination to continue advancing the legendary characteristics of the Wagyu breed. We are continuously improving our herd with scientifically proven methods. We are developing studies to give us the data we need to consistently increase herd quality as well as tender, delicious, abundantly marbled beef. We believe who we are is reflected in our herd, the genetics we sell, and our ability to serve a variety of clients from casual beef consumers to experienced cattlemen.

Our Future.

The future of 1862 Ranch is looking better every day. We will be preserving and enhancing the impressive genetics of Japanese Wagyu and continue collecting and implementing science into what we do for greater efficiency and productivity. We are growing daily, with our event/ wedding venue and butcher shop with restaurant coming up soon. We will be something worth seeing.

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1862 Ranch
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